Student Loan Management and Debt Planning

Managing your student loans and understanding your repayment options can be confusing and overwhelming. We can help. We will conduct a thorough review of your options for student loan assistance programs (including consolidation, income-driven repayment, loan forgiveness, and more). Based on your unique goals and circumstances, We will design a comprehensive student loan management plan that makes sense for you. We can also help you complete program applications, submit required paperwork, and troubleshoot bureaucratic problems related to student loan servicing, which are unfortunately common. If you are looking for more comprehensive assistance, we can also help you optimize your finances and budget around your student loans so you can live the life you want to live, even with your student debt.

Delinquency Management

Handling your student loan debt is scary if you’ve fallen behind on payments. The ominous phone calls and letters from lenders certainly don’t help. We will evaluate your options for getting back on track, and together we can work on a game plan. We can also help you complete forms and applications for programs that are designed for borrowers in distress, and directly represent you in communications with your loan holders. Loan servicers often provide incomplete or inaccurate information about your legal rights. We will make sure you get accurate, up-to-date information and advise you on the best course of action.

Default and Collections Resolution

If you’ve defaulted on your student loans, you know how terrifying it can be. Debt collection agencies are not exactly known for being pleasant. With our help, we can figure out your options to resolve the default. We can directly represent you in communications with debt collection agencies so that you no longer have to deal with them, and we can protect you from harassing, abusive, and unfair conduct. Depending on your goals and circumstances, we can work out solutions to stop a wage garnishment or tax refund intercept, negotiate a settlement or default resolution plan, and defend you in court. Whatever your situation, we will be your guide, advisor, and advocate during the entire process.

Other Student Loan Issues

Not every borrower’s situation fits neatly into one of the above categories. Perhaps you have a dispute with your loan servicer about a misapplied payment, or you were denied access to an income-driven repayment program. You could be a parent or a cosigner, and you’re unsure of your rights and options. Maybe one of your loan holders is reporting inaccurate information about your student loan to credit bureaus, or you just want to sit down and talk about your unique student loan situation with an expert. Just send us an email or give us a call, and we’ll figure out how we can help.